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Who We Are

Our tilapia strain is marketed under the Spring Tilapia® brand, recognized and appreciated with tilapia farmers in the US and Latin America.

Spring Genetics operates an advanced family based breeding program for Nile tilapia, with breeding nucleus operations in Miami, Florida, USA. The Spring Genetics stock has been selected for key traits such as fast growth, survivability and yield, and more recently for increased resistance to Streptococcus iniae and S. agalactiae. Selection of disease resistance is based on controlled challenge testing of nucleus families. Additional key traits such as resistance to other pathogens, improved feed conversion efficiency, tolerance to salinity and high/low temperatures are currently assessed for implementation. Spring Genetics is distributing genetically improved, high performing materials to integrated companies and affiliated multiplication hatcheries throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Who We Are

The Spring Genetics Process

"We believe the tilapia industry will gain from focusing on grow-out and distribution, while specialty companies such as Spring Genetics focus on selective breeding of robust, healthy and fast growing genetic material" Morten Rye, Managing Director Akvaforsk Genetics
Spring Genetics - Innovating sustainable breeding in aquaculture
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