Xl Jose Fdo  Ospina Arango  Breeding Program Manager

Jose Fernando Ospina-Arango

Breeding Program Manager

Jose Fernando Ospina-Arango has been in charge of our breeding program in Miami in the role as Breeding Program Manager since 2012. He joined the company in 2009 and held the roles of Breeding program Coordinator and Production Manager before entering his current role.

Jose is originally from Colombia where he received his degree as Marine Biologist at the University of Bogota in 1994. He also holds a degree in Mollusks Engineering Culture from the Universidad Catolica del Norte in Coquimbo, Chile from 2000.

His working experience is extensive, having hold many roles as Research Scientist working with a variety of species ranging from Penneus Vanammei shrimps, Mutton snapper, Goliath fish, Spiny Lobster, Queen Conch and Cobia. Jose has also previously worked in sales and consultancy, giving him a good understanding of the customers and their needs.

Academic History

  • Marine Biologist, B.S. Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota Colombia, Graduation year 1994.
  • Mollusks Engineering Culture, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Coquimbo, Chile. Year 2000.
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