Miami Breeding Nucleus

Located in South Florida just 30 miles South West from the Miami International Airport, our Breeding Nucleus is the heart of Spring® Genetic’s operations and genetic development.

South Florida’s tropical weather allows us to grow fish whole year round and to produce families once or twice per year in a very short period of time (the shortest family production time in the world). We produce 200 new families every year and select our top of the line breeders which are sent to our multipliers and clients around the world.

Our facility is divided in 3 areas: Breeding Nucleus, Commercial Production and Trials area. We have different production systems; Bioreactors, Greenwater ponds and Clearwater.

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Fortaleza, Brazil

Strategically located in the heart of Fortaleza, Ceara (North-East Brazil) is the only fully licensed quarantine in Brazil permitted to import aquatic broodstock material.

It complies with biosecurity measures, it counts with highly trained personnel and our proximity to the Pinto Martins International Airport allows us to supply future breeders to the whole country.

It is required by Brazilian laws to have a quarantine for every imported animal, during the quarantine period the animals are analysed by the proper authorities to ensure that they are pathogen free, after all the tests are made the animals are cleared out and authorized to be transferred from the quarantine.

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Acuicola Maria Linda is Spring Genetics exclusive distributor in Guatemala.

Strategically located in one of the most important production regions of Guatemala and with the capacity to deliver fingerlins or juveniles to any part of the country.

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FAI Aquaculture Excellence Centre

The FAI Aquaculture Excellence Centre is operated by Spring® Genetic’s sister company, FAI Brazil. The site has a capacity in the range of 700.000 to 1 Mill Spring® Tilapia fingerlings/juveniles per month. The farm holds the broodstock and fingerling in-house, while the juvenile production system is outdoors in membrane circular tanks. The site has two water sources - from a lake located inside the FAI premises and from a deep water well - securing high quality water trough out the entire production cycle.

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