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About Benchmark

The Benchmark Breeding & Genetics division

The division is involved in breeding and genetics of Atlantic Salmon, Nile Tilapia and technical genetics services for all the major aquatic species.

The Genetics division works continuously on genetic improvements to support the sustainability efforts of the aquaculture industry. The companies within the division deliver Atlantic Salmon eggs, Nile Tilapia fry and fingerlings, L. Vannamei PL in addition to the genetic improvement services.

The other 4 companies in the division are:

Akvaforsk Genetics

Our sister company Akvaforsk Genetics was our founder and previous owner. Due to this relationship, we have worked in tight collaboration through many years on the development of the Spring® Tilapia strain.

Akvaforsk Genetics has based this work on a selected family breeding program designed and supported technically by their genetic team.

This has resulted in a strain that is a highly regarded with tilapia farmers in Latin America for its growth rate, improved feed efficiency and robustness.

Benchmark Holdings plc

Spring® Genetics is part of Benchmark Holdings, a pioneering innovation company operating in the aquaculture, agriculture and animal health sectors

In July 2015, Benchmark Holdings plc acquired Spring® Genetics as a part of a long planned strategic move into aquaculture genetics a cross a wide number of the major farmed species.

Tilapia is the fastest growing aquaculture species in the world, and is predicted to be America’s next top seafood item. It is easy to farm and feed, and provides a healthy, nutritious and sustainable protein source for the world’s growing population. Benchmark saw Spring® Genetics as a major opportunity for influencing the growing tilapia industry by offering our genetic expertise and leveraging on their skills in animal health and husbandry.

Benchmark had already established the Breeding & Genetics division in 2014 with the acquisitions of SalmoBreed and StofnFiskur, and saw Spring® Genetics as a step further in becoming a leading global player in the aquaculture genetics sector.

Benchmark Holdings also got our former owner, Akvaforsk Genetics on board, giving the group access to a global network, new geographies and customers in emerging markets.

In 2016, Benchmark acquired the Ceniacua breeding program for L. Vannamei shrimp in Colombia, adding yet another species to the breeding portfolio.The program has changed name to Genética Spring and holds two sites, one in Ponta Canoa by the Atlantic Ocean and one in Tumaco in South of Colombia, next to the Pacific Ocean.

Benchmark Holdings PLC is listed on the AIM stock exchange and holds 5 divisions that bring together knowledge of breeding and genetics, vaccines, health products, veterinary science, farming and husbandry. The group offers end-to-end solutions, applying knowledge and innovation anchored in practical, on the ground experience. The aim is to identify the best and the most effective solutions to solving the customer’s problems.

As part of Benchmark, we have access to a large team of highly qualified experts within several professions working towards the same goal – to enable a more sustainable food chain with a particular focus on the development of aquaculture health.

Benchmark's purpose is to set a new benchmark for sustainable living, starting with food production.​
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