Spring Genetics’ stock outperformed competitors in growth trial

Spring Genetics fish from our selective breeding program recently outperformed fish from a non-GIFT strain that were grown simultaneously in the same system.

The trial was carried out at a new state-of-the-art Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) in Florida. The system has 24-hour monitoring systems and feeding, and the ability to control light and temperature.

A previous batch of Spring Genetics stock was raised using this same method but growth results did not vary from fish grown in a normal photoperiod feeding regime. The Spring Genetics’ fish outperformed the expected growth rate, reaching harvest size in only 127 days (average time to harvest is between 140-170 day but can take up to 250 days).

255705 7 Png

GIFT tilapia growth curve

Survival was also very high (97%-98%). The non-GIFT strain matched its projected growth curve but cannot compete with the selected strain that Spring Genetics are currently producing. These results are great to show current and future clients looking to invest in RAS systems.

Fish were stocked at ~1.3g in two separate cohorts. Cohort 3 was fed using automatic feeders during a normal photoperiod. Then fish in Cohort 6 were fed using 24-hour automatic feeding. The results were about the same between the two methods. Growth curves comparing the two can be seen below.

255707 7 Png

Water quality parameters can be compared in the table below. It is interesting to compare the growth of Cohort 3 and 6 considering Cohort 6 was in warmer water and fed 24 hours/day. It shows that the fish can still reach their growth potential under normal feeding conditions and cooler water temperatures.

255708 7 Png

The most interesting graph from the study can be seen below. This graph shows the growth of Spring Genetics fish in comparison with a Non-Gift strain of Tilapia. This graph clearly shows the advantages of the Spring Genetics genetically selected strain of tilapia.

255705 7 Png

Average growth of Spring Genetics fish in comparison with a Non-Gift strain of tilapia.

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