Spring Genetics signs another new agreement with Piscícola Botero in Colombia

Spring Genetics signs yet one more agreement in Colombia. This time with Piscícola Botero, an important tilapia producer in Colombia.

Spring Genetics, a company belonging to the Benchmark group, and specialized in nilotic tilapia genetics, recently announced the signing of a new contract for the supply of breeders in Colombia with Piscicola Botero, a major producer and exporter of tilapia in the Latin American country.

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Piscicola Botero is one of the largest tilapia producers in Colombia. The company has its processing plant in the state of Huila, which currently processes around 18 metric tons of fresh black tilapia each day for the export market. Picture by Piscicola Botero.

Xl Hideyoshi Segovia Uno  Commercial Operations Manager
"We are very satisfied with the recent signing of a new and important agreement for the supply of breeders in Colombia. This agreement represents the fourth major contract signed in Colombia by our team in 2020. We are delighted to continue to support the sustainable growth of the tilapia industry in the region." Hideyoshi Segovia, Commercial Manager, and Operations Spring Genetics

“Spring Genetics runs one of the most advanced genetic selection programs in the world. We currently have a strong presence in the Latin American market, with proven acceptance in Colombia, where we hope to continue supplying the growing tilapia production industry with our high-performance stock.” - Hideyoshi adds.

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Spring Genetics is a company dedicated to the genetic improvement of Nile Tilapia supporting the sustainable development of global aquaculture. Picture by Spring Genetics.

At Piscícola Botero, our production strategy is based on 3 pillars: genetic improvement, efficiency in production costs and management of water resources,” says Oscar Botero, President of Piscícola Botero, adding “The signing of this agreement marks a new milestone for our company; for the first time in our history, we commit ourselves on an investment focused on the renewal and improvement of our stocks with the latest generation of advanced genetics with the aim of optimizing our production potential and to improve the health and welfare of our animals. We are very pleased to work with Spring Genetics on the continouous improvement and progress of our stock.” - concluded Botero.

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Piscicola Botero' tilapia farm in Huila, Colombia currently consists of 34-floating pens, located in a reservoir that is also used for water and electricity generation. The farm has been exporting products to North America for over 10 years. Picture by Piscicola Botero.

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Piscicola Botero' tilapia farm in Huila, Colombia. Picture by Piscicola Botero.

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Piscicola Botero has been exporting product to North America for over 10 years. Picture by Piscicola Botero.

About Piscícola Botero

Piscícola Botero is a Colombian company dedicated to the production and export of Tilapia, committed to sustainable growth and continuous improvement. Founded by Efrain Botero in the nineties, it has around 400 collaborators and is certified, among other quality certificates, with the BAP ( Best Aquaculture Practices ) seal in each of its processes with the highest rating of four stars. Piscícola Botero has fattening systems such as: cages in the Betania reservoir, ponds in different farms and IPRS (In Pond Raceway System ), the latter being a technological bet for the development of our sector in a long-term sustainable way and in harmony with the environment.

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