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Spring Genetics enters agreement with Colombia's biggest tilapia producer

Benchmark's Spring Genetics has entered a 3-year broodstock/multiplier agreement with Piscícola New York, Colombia's largest tilapia producer and exporter.

The alliance aims to increase the producer’s farm productivity with improved genetics for growth and disease resistance, and processing plant with improved fillet yield. This is the second agreement signed by Spring Genetics in Colombia.

Sg And Any

Hideyoshi Segovia-Uno from SG, and Mauricio Silva, legal representative of PNY

Situated at the Betania dam, in the Huila department of the Neiva municipality, Piscícola New York produces 10.000 metric tons per year and commercializes an extra 6.000 from associated farms. Although they have a considerable local market share, the majority of their production is processed and exported as fillet to the USA.

Pny Colombia
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