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Spring Genetics and FAI Brazil strengthens working relationship

Another step on the already strong partnership between FAI Brazil and Spring Genetics happened last week in Miami,FL.

The two companies further established their close working partnership during a site visit by FAI director Murilo Quintiliano to Spring Genetic’s sites in Miami, Florida.

Murilo visited both Spring Genetics sites to gain a clear view of how selective breeding programs are planned and executed during the year in order to better understand how FAI can further support Spring Genetic’s activities in Brazil.

Timelines, evaluation and communication was reviewed with Jose Ospina, our Breeding Program Manager, who are responsible for handling analysis as well as overcoming any challenges. This was followed by a demonstration of the process of collecting and separating the animals in families.

Also, Spring Genetics Commercial and Operation Manager Hideyoshi Segovia-Uno gave a presentation about the routine for the commercial production of the sites and the challenges faced by aquaculture in the US and other countries and the introduction of the genetics at the North American Market.

During the visit, the team also visited The Miami University Marine finfish Research Center which is currently developing several interesting projects for aquaculture of marine species, with advanced technology that might be applied to fresh water production in the near future. It also presented the possibility of cooperative studies between sites and universities, not only for FAI Brazil, but Also FAI in Scotland.

The visit ended with a visit to Pentair high-tech RAS system, that clearly demonstrated the full potential of the growth and robustness of our fish (83 kg/m3 of fish grow in 125 days up to 700g).

All of these aspects highlighted that Spring Genetic’s fish have incredible potential of growth, and that the work being done by the group is generating value for Benchmark Group. Also, during the visits and time spend during the activities on both sites, was possible to have a clear view on how the breeding program is planned and executed during the year, with this understand, FAI will be able to give a better support for Spring Genetics in Brazil.

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Spring Genetics and FAI Brazil teams under meeting in Miami

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