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Successful workshop in Nueva Italia, Michoacán

Committed to improving and optimizing our industry

About the workshop

Following the good path marked by our very successful workshop given during the FIACUI in Guadalajara, and responding to the numerous requests of our clients and collaborators, Spring Genetics and GeneTilapia de México have carried out, last Wednesday 10 October 2018 at 11: 00, a new workshop on “Tips of good practice for handling and biosecurity to achieve the maximum potential of Spring Tilapia® fry and juveniles”, by Biol. Oscar Ramírez and Mvz. Javier Gómez.

The event, which took place in the Production Unit Las Parotas, Mpio. Múgica, in Michoacán, had also a very interesting talk about “Sanitary key aspects for tilapia farming and the use of probiotics” by Biol. Jaime Muñoz of INVE.


On this occasion, we have the collaboration in the coordination of the State Health and Aquaculture Safety Committee of Michoacán (CESAMICH), and the Tilapia De Michoacán Product System (SIPROTMICH).

Based on the success of this workshop, a second one is scheduled in November of this year, which will count with the participation of 60 producers from the central region of the state.


These workshops, like others scheduled for 2019, corroborate and reaffirm our total commitment to improving and optimising our industry, sharing knowledge and experiences accumulated during years of work and studies carried out by SG and GT, and making them available to Mexican tilapia producers in Mexico that have improvement, sustainable growth, development and professionalisation of their company as a goal.

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