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Spring Genetics - operations continue through COVID-19 outbreak

The current Covid-19 outbreak has become an important common challenge to us all and has led to several restrictions being implemented by the governments of most countries worldwide. Let's work together to ensure a healthy, strong and reliable aquaculture food supply
Xl Hideyoshi Segovia Uno  Commercial Operations Manager
"We are proud and happy to see how our team is tackling this situation with creative and positive solutions for the everyday challenges, making sure that our operations continue to run unaltered" Hideyoshi Segovia Uno
Commercial and Operations Manager Spring Genetics

Spring Genetics have taken multiple measures to ensure the wellbeing of all our team members and to secure the continuity of our operations at our production facilities:

  • Our production sites have been closed to all external visitors and non-employees since 02-March-2020
  • All personnel who can work from home or isolated offices are doing so
  • Meetings take place on video conference systems and all employees keep safe distances from colleagues during crucial operations on production sites.
  • Production staff operates on a shift pattern to further increase the separation of key teams and minimize any potential impact on supply.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection measures have been implemented and are conducted by in-house staff
  • All staff has been provided with relevant sanitary information to minimize the spread of the virus, and we have secured all the necessary equipment to lower the risk of infection within the facilities.
  • We have secured supplies of consumables crucial to production and packing to ensure the continuity of our operations.
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Members of the Spring Genetics team, working from home or at our facilities, following the safety measures.

Our aim is to deliver all orders as planned. We will individually contact customers to agree on the best possible dates and time for deliveries. The aim is to identify any opportunities to adjust logistic plans in order to overcome challenges with air shipments, distribution across country borders, or other unpredictable events.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our implemented measures, please contact:

Hideyoshi Segovia Uno
Commercial and Operations Manager Spring Genetics
[email protected]
Mobile. +1.786.548.8585

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