Spring Genetics

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Innovating sustainable breeding in aquaculture

Who We Are

Spring Genetics® is a Company dedicated to the genetic improvement of Nile Tilapia supporting the sustainable development of Global Aquaculture.
  • We operate "combined family" and "within family" based selective breeding programs for Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in Miami, Florida.
  • We operate multipliers and distribution centers in Latin America.
  • Our program is under supervision of sister company Akvaforsk Genetics in Norway.

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Managing one of the most advanced breeding programs for Tilapia in the world.


Franchise Model

1 Broodstock
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Spring® Genetics Breeding Nucleus
2 Fingerlings and Juveniles
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Spring® Tilapia Hatchery
3 Processed Whole Fish
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Our Network

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  • Breeding nucleus
  • Multiplier
  • Distribution center
  • Broodstock contract
From our Breeding Nucleus to the world.

Family Based Selection

Family based selection avoids unplanned inbreeding
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Selection data on breeding candidates is supported by data from siblings & relatives
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Provides simultaneous improvement 
of multiple traits
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Siblings/relatives used to gather data that can only be assessed by sacrifice of the individual
Sb 4
Multiple lines to drive specific product development
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Latest News

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